Pure White

Avant-Garde By Tradition.


45cm Combi Microwave Oven Pure White

When time is of the essence in creating, making, or adjusting your recipes, there’s nothing quite like the Multifunction Combined Microwave. It defrosts in record time, reheats, and roasts.


60cm Integrated Hood

Installed in place of a wall cabinet, a door is used for the front of the unit which, when lifted, provides easy access to all controls, activates extraction & turns on the lights.


65cm 4 Zone Induction Hob with Profile

Be well settled, wherever you are. This 65cm induction hob manages the total power of its induction zones to adapt to local electrical constraints.


80cm HoriZone Induction Hob with Profile

With its HoriZone and two additional induction zones, this hob can accommodate all shapes & sizes of cookware - from small or large to wide or oval-shaped.


90cm Decorative Box Hood White

This hood has been designed to simplify the installation process. Attach the motor element to the wall, slide the lower part of the hood onto the rails & add the chimney!


90cm Telescopic Hood

Perfectly positioned under a wall unit, this hood is equipped with 2 lamps which provide light that is simultaneously natural and powerful, giving you excellent visibility.


Built In Multifunction Oven with Pyrolytic White

Countless recipes pre-programmed into this oven take the flavor to a new level, and its large interior cavity is equipped with rail-mounted sliding racks, making it perfect for cooking multiple dishes at the same time.


Premium 14cm Warming Drawer White

Designed to keep plates, bowls and coffee plates warm, the drawer is food approved and closes gently thanks to a clever breaking system that prevents any rattling of the crockery.