De Dietrich products: 3 year Parts and Labour*

All De Dietrich household appliances are fully guaranteed, 2 years from the date of purchase. If you register your product within 30 days of the purchase date with our customer service team, you will receive an additional 1 year warranty - So 3 years in total. During that time period any repairs you need will be carried out by our national network of service engineers. Your warranty covers major parts only.

Auto defrost

The automatic auto-defrost feature is a setting in refrigerators and freezers which will regularly defrost the evaporator preventing the build-up of unwanted ice via the cold wall refrigeration system.

Frost Free

De Dietrich’s frost-free models do away with the chore of defrosting the freezer. They work by forcing air through the freezer cabinet, which removes the moisture that would otherwise freeze and build up as frost or ice over time.

Rough surface liners on the inner walls of your oven which absorb any potential food spills, which are burnt off during normal cooking making your oven walls easier to keep clean.

This safety feature allows you to lock the buttons on the control panel so that children cannot accidentally change the setting of your appliance when it’s on.

Always wipe/clean up spillages as they occur. Always lift & not drag pots to avoid scratching the surface. Use a specialist ceramic hob cleaner for the best results. Never use anything abrasive to clean your hob.

It is important to note Induction hobs will only produce heat when a suitable ferromagnetic utensil is used. To get the best results and heat efficiency from your induction hob, it is beneficial to use a similar pot/pan size (or smaller) to the ring area in use as the induction heat is only transferred accurately across the magnetic utensils to ensure a controlled cooking environment.

Some Induction Hobs come with an extendable zone which means you are not limited in pot/pan size while cooking as it covers a larger area.

If you happen to need your De Dietrich product manual and can't put your hands on it, don't fret we have copies available online that you can download instantly. Locate you manual here - they are all listed alphabetically.

This cooking setting is used for more focused heat and control in your oven. It is an ideal method for pizza bases and pastry cases where you need a crispy underside, bain marie or casseroles.

Our turbo fan system operates with the fan oven and the grill on simultaneously. This function is ideal for cooking meat or poultry with a rotisserie result and can reduce cooking times by 30%.

Heat is diffused by natural convection from the upper and lower heating elements only. Recommended for foods that require the same cooking temperature both internally and externally e.g. Roasts and Pastries.

Basting and stirring those heavier dishes is no longer an issue with these extending, sliding rails. The telescopic rails enable a safe and easy way to access your dish.

Combination cooking combines microwave energy, a grill as well as convection heating in order to heat, roast, crisp and brown in the same way as a large conventional oven. Combination ovens offer extra cooking options compared to basic microwaves, they can cook the same way as a standard conventional oven but more quickly for your convenience.

1. Fast & Responsive

– induction hobs offer similar controllability & levels of sensitivity as gas hobs, cooking zones heat up remarkably quickly.

2. Easy To Clean

– if food spills or boils over, it won’t “burn on” to the surface as the areas around the zones remain cool even during cooking.

3. Energy Efficient

 – induction hobs are extremely energy efficient as the area surrounding the base of the pan only heats up so only the precise amount of energy is ever used.

There are many different types of hoods available to satisfy your cooking requirements. These include:

Chimney cooker hoods

- which comprise a canopy to capture the steam and smells along with a chimney fitted fan to extract them.

Freestanding cooker hoods

- need to be fitted directly to the wall above a four-ring cooker or hob.

Integrated cooker hoods

- Integrated cooker hoods are designed to fit neatly into integrated fitted kitchen units.

- They're suitable for use with a four-ring freestanding cooker or hob.

Island cooker hoods

- Island hoods are the biggest of the cooker hoods available. They attach directly to the ceiling and require a lot of space to accommodate the island hood. 

- They are therefore suited to a bigger kitchen space.

Some washing machines and dishwashers allow you to set washing to start later in the day (which enable you to you take advantage of cheap electricity as you can set a load to wash overnight). The exact amount of time a program can be delayed varies between one and 23 hours (If you use the delayed-start feature at night, make sure to fit a smoke alarm nearby).

This feature makes cleaning your oven effortless by heating the oven to a temperature of 500°C, turning all deposits into ash which can be swept away.

Our ICS fan system guarantees a more even distribution of cooking heat. As warm air always rises, our fan system redistributes this hot air throughout the oven cavity for quicker and more even results.

Condensers and vent dryers are both used for the same thing. They are both involved in removing moisture from clothing.

Condenser tumble dryers work through a condensation process by condensing the warm damp air from your laundry into water, which is then deposited into a container that you have to empty. The main benefit of a condenser dryer is that it can be placed and plugged into the wall anywhere in your home as it doesn't require a vent to disperse the water vapor taken from your clothes.

Vented dryers are the traditional type of dryer and are generally the cheapest to run as they use less energy than condenser dryers. Air is drawn from the surrounding area (i.e. the laundry room), then heated and blown through the clothes as the drum tumbles them about. This hot air evaporates some of the water in the damp fabrics, and the resultant moisture-laden air is then exhausted through a vent duct to the outside. Vented dryers pump out the warm damp air from the drum through a hose, which has to be connected to a wall or window vent.As this hose will need to be installed, vented tumble dryers are not suitable for all homes as they need to be positioned near a window or door vent as to allow the hot damp air to be released outdoors.

Recirculation vents and extraction vents are forms of ventilation hoods which can be used in the home. Recirculation hoods draw air into the appliance through the filters in order to neutralise odours and remove grease particles. The cleaned air is then returned into the kitchen. Recirculation hoods are mainly used in apartments and require carbon filters (which need to be changed roughly once a year).

The extraction hoods filter air with a metal filter grease trap before releasing it through an outside vent therefore they require a vent through an outside wall. They are a highly effective form of filtration that removes grease, odours and excess moisture from the air in your cooking environment.

An easy to use, start/stop programmer that will cook perfect recipes for your family's enjoyment.

Anything that is not marked "dishwasher proof" or "dishwasher safe" should not be dish-washed. Some of our dishwashers come with an extra cutlery tray allowing extra space for all your dishwasher proof items.Items such as wood, lead, silver and aluminium are not suitable for dishwashers.

It is normal to see droplets of ice or water on the rear wall of your refrigerator. This is the auto defrost function. Make sure no items in the fridge touch the rear wall as they will interfere with this function & are likely to become wet.

The first thing to check if your oven won’t turn on is if the time is set on the clock. Always ensure there is a time set on your oven clock. Also ensure there is no auto timer set on your oven. Refer to your user manual to use these functions – see manuals for more information.

When fatty foods are cooked in the oven a certain amount of fat will be deposited onto the grill element. When the oven is turned on again the fat will start to burn off the grill element causing a smell & smoke. Leave the oven door closed while the grills warms up (5- 10 minutes) & burns any dried in grease.

De Dietrich's dishwashers are of a high standard, with top A++ energy efficiency levels. If your dishwasher is not complying to standards, it may need to be descaled in order to remove potential lime-scale residue build up(this needs to be carried out at least once a year), or you may need to rinse your dishes before placing them into the dishwasher to ensure high quality cleaning.

One common cause of dishwashers stopping mid cycle is someone has opened the door after the dishwasher is turned on. This can be resolved by resetting the programme on your dishwasher. Please refer to your user manual for more information.

It is not unusual to hear noises from refrigeration appliances, especially when the appliance is switching on or off. The refrigeration motor may hum whilst in operation. Clicking may be heard as the thermostat turns the compressor on and off. Cracking may be heard when the auto-defrost or frost free setting is in operation. Our highest noise emitting Refrigeration appliance measures at 42dB which is described as the equivalent noise level to a quiet conversation or flowing stream (so it really isn't loud at all).

Please refer to your user manual. Unbalanced loads (overloading/under loading) will activate the sensor to prevent the machine from spinning. The correct programme for the correct load must be selected.