Homes of De Dietrich

Homes of De Dietrich
21 September 2016


It’s often been said that our homes are a reflection of our lives and a showcase of our personalities. In recent years, the kitchen has become a central part of the home, with its space and design warranting as much consideration as the living and private areas of modern families’ abodes. 

Homeowners around the world have also become more well-travelled. They dine well, enjoy entertaining, and are also proud to share travel tales and experiences over a meal with friends and family. Dining at home—whether it’s with a gourmet French spread, an eight-course Chinese dinner, or a communal Indian feast—has become a fabulous way to explore and appreciate different cultures. 

Through cooking and eating, we can embrace the world through the heart of our home—the kitchen. It is therefore our privilege and pride that De Dietrich has been the brand of choice for discerning homeowners the world over. A brand with over 300 years’ experience, De Dietrich’s focus has always been “Not for oneself, but for others”—a simple motto that embodies our commitment to designing kitchen appliances that not only look stylish and modern, but are also highly intelligent and functional. 

Homes of De Dietrich is a fitting showcase of how homeowners from all over the world have incorporated De Dietrich’s products into their kitchens. From cosy chic apartments in Russia to sprawling mansions in Indonesia, these homes are a testament of their owners’ creativity and lifestyles. Just as they’ve spurred us to believe that functionality and purpose are the basis of good design, we hope these homes will inspire you with their style and ideas. To all homeowners, project developers, architects, designers and kitchen specialists who have generously opened their homes and showrooms to us, we thank you for your support and generosity in making this publication possible. We are humbled that you have made De Dietrich a part of your stunning homes, and will continue to strive towards innovation, quality and perfection.

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